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League Play Is The Premier Sales Gamification For Sales Reps

Boost Sales Rep Performance

90% of sales managers we surveyed said gamification had a positive impact on sales numbers and revenue. Closers gamifies sales processes to not only drive friendly competition & collaboration among your reps, but also boost overall production up to 3x!

Head-To-Head Matchups & Leaderboards To Track Stats

The Closers platform provides a variety of competitions. Weekly head-to-head matchups against colleagues, quarterly standings, special leaderboards for KPIs, all-time bests and more all to create an environment of friendly competition that boosts engagement & performance.

Enjoy The Journey

That’s what we hear from the greats. League Play allows the ability to go beyond sales contests & monitor their growth as salespeople, beginning from their early days as prospects throughout their careers to becoming experienced hall of famers. The journey is a reflection of their progress as producers for their companies.

Build Personal Brands

Stats are a reflection of production. With features like the Player Card, users are able to catalog their productivity & contribution over time. This allows your team members to establish reputations & demonstrate value for themselves as assets to the organization, much the same as professional athletes.

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Check out some Testimonials

Ryan Rogerson


Field Sales Manager

League Play has been an amazing tool at keeping our sales team motivated. Being a competitive group, there is always a friendly competition to who can stay on the top of the leaderboard!...

Mark Paradiso

Maine Crisp Co

National Director of Sales

Our Brand Ambassador's embraced League Play right from the beginning to build both team & individual performance levels. It's amazing how intuitive LP is for team members & management to see what's ha...

Christina Welsh


Retail Director

Outfield's League Play has created comradery and a competitive spirit in my team and everybody loves it. We love the lead changes, nicknames, we share screenshots all the time and knowing who is on fi...

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