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Sales Incentive Programs

Allow our experts to design and execute award winning incentive programs to drive team's performance.

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Inspire Team Performance With Closers Incentive Programs

Increase Sales Team Productivity

Is your team's output waning due to burnout or lack of motivation? Try adding a little excitement! Closers performance programs are proven to bring the best out of sales teams through the power of incentives. With the right program you increase your team's sales, dials, and customer referrals.

Boost Employee Morale

From our survey, 95% of sales managers interviewed stated that right incentive programs lifted their team's morale. Don't allow your sales team to become disinterested or lose focus. Keep your team happy with a creative and unique incentive plan that inspires them to bring their best daily.

Reward Your Star Performers

When your reps don’t get recognized for their hard work, slippage in performance can occur. The Closers sales incentive programs are designed to prevent this from happening. Whether it’s electronics, gift cards, concerts, or trips we’ll help curate awesome prizes to recognize your top reps for their efforts.

We Handle The Logistics

We know you’re busy and you have a lot of important things to do. Having little time to focus on carrying out your sales incentive program can lead to delays in shipments and even lost items. Let us take on all the busy work. We’ll procure and distribute all rewards to your staff, ensuring that they receive their items in a timely fashion.

Check out some Testimonials

Ryan Rogerson


Field Sales Manager

League Play has been an amazing tool at keeping our sales team motivated. Being a competitive group, there is always a friendly competition to who can stay on the top of the leaderboard!...

Mark Paradiso

Maine Crisp Co

National Director of Sales

Our Brand Ambassador's embraced League Play right from the beginning to build both team & individual performance levels. It's amazing how intuitive LP is for team members & management to see what's ha...

Christina Welsh


Retail Director

Outfield's League Play has created comradery and a competitive spirit in my team and everybody loves it. We love the lead changes, nicknames, we share screenshots all the time and knowing who is on fi...

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